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Client Anti – Poaching Patrols - Wish List

Project Description

3 NEW APU BASES, as per the modular kit shown. These are urgently needed and are suggested by the authorities to be built in an order of priority where most needed according to our own CWF intelligence gathered strategy as well as being based on collective information on current poaching threats from the authorities, Zimbabwe Forestry Commission (FC) and Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA).

In order to increase effective patrol coverage area, therefore, these new bases could be placed

  • Hwange Communal Land, west of Dete
  • Gwayi Conservancy area
  • South East boundary HNP


WAGES ,RATIONS, UNIFORMS, CAMPING EQUIPMENT, RADIOS and SMART data loggers, etc for new Rangers to man these planned posts.

RADIO REPEATERS are needed to enable adequate radio communication range for patrols


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