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Client Problem Animal Control (PAC) Strategy

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CWF strives to partner with the HNP authorities being ZPWMA and FC along with Police, Local tribal leaders and communities and all Hwange stakeholders in the NGO and tourism and any other sector to form a collaborative strategy for dealing with the widespread problem of Human Wildlife Conflict. Habit loss and human population pressures are common in Hwange as in many other wildlife areas in the country and on the continent.

Pooling of scarce resources, funding from well-wishers and a collaborative and sensible use of available local and expertise and technical skills are necessary to address this successfully. CWF fully supports this bigger picture approach and plays its own part in networking and facilitating and lobbying for funding to achieve these aims.

CWF Manager Richard Hoarehas many years as a research scientist experienced in 13 different African countries on the subject of Human Elephant Conflict, as can be seen from his work spanning more than 20 years for the IUCN Elephant Specialist Group (

CWF is therefore involved with ZPWMA authority and other stakeholders in creating long term mitigation strategies for dealing with this problem. Richard was invited to present to a meeting on PAC held in Hwange by ZPWMA in July this year. ZPWMA chief ecologist is heading this collaboration on STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURES (SOP) for dealing with PAC issues, both immediately, and in the long term. Richard is trying to raise fundingto assist with a follow up meeting to the ZPWMA meeting in July.


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