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Client Rainfall Monitoring, Water Table And Water Quality Research

Project Description

Funding is needed to support better rainfall monitoring in HNP. ZPWMA lack capacity and funding to maintain previous rainfall data collection standards. CWF has approached the Zimbabwe Meteorological Dept, which also underfunded and in need of help, and both authorities are keen for any support and assistance we can obtain for our own research in regard to the elephant study, because  their movements are highly influenced by rainfall. These agencies have both offered cooperation where they can afford it. We are obtaining costs for officially permitted rainfall gauges that can be locally made.

Another CWF partner FRIENDS OF HWANGE who we work closely with in HNP have expressed support for a scientific investigation into the underground water pumped to many Hwange Pans, whose solar  and pump systems they largely sponsor and manage. Investigating water quality and origins (fossil reserves or recharge) are important questions that need investigation for sustainable management of this increasingly precious resource.


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