Resident Aircraft And Airstrip Rehabilitation

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Client Resident Aircraft And Airstrip Rehabilitation

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As mentioned under SURVEILLANCE FLYING above, a great deal of funding is required to get realistic and more effective aerial coverage over HNP in order to catch up with many other parks throughout Africa. Hwange National Park  -by its very size and value to conservation worldwide- deserves more help than it is currently receiving.

A suitable resident plane and full time pilot would go a long way to improving the management in Zimbabwe’s largest national park, home to the collective (shared with Botswana) largest remaining elephant population on earth.

An upgrade to the (not currently useable) Main Camp airstrip is a priority shared by the ZPWMA and all involved in local conservation and tourism. Funds are needed for this urgently. To manage costs it would be quicker and much less expensive to remove the current airstrip surface of damaged tarmac and return it to its original gravel surface – for approval by the aviation authority, CAAZ.