Small CWF Anti Poaching Dog & Horse Unit

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Client Small Cwf Anti Poaching Dog & Horse Unit

Project Description

Within the small staff of CWF our Field Co-ordinator is a very experienced dog trainer whose previous job included training, use and supervision of Anti poaching Dog Units. One of our rangers has much experience in the same field of dog training in the Police, etc. Our Manager is a veterinarian. Already this team has offered support an advice to two separate small dog units. One is operational, the other pending. So given the vast size of the areas needing protection there is a requirement for this facility that works well in other parks all over Africa.

So with funding it would be very achievable to set up a small two dog unit for CWF.

The dog unit would be best used for detection work, both on patrol and in vehicles entering and exiting the park or Forestry Land, and for searches on the train whose long line has many siding stops bordering the north of HNP.

The same staff, along with another of our rangers are accomplished horsemen. Our Field Co-ordinatoralready owns his own horse based on the border of Hwange at HWANGE HORSEBACK SAFARIS who already sometimes co-operate with CWF staff to do some limited anti poaching patrols on horseback. Historically this method was effectively used in HNP to increase patrolling speed and distances in the bush. Given that facilities exist that we may partner with, CWF could operate a small anti poaching mounted unit of its own, if funding for it can be obtained.


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