The Conservation & Wildlife Fund Donation

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Client The Conservation & Wildlife Fund Donation
Skills 1st January 2016
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The fight and the victory for the success of our wildlife and its future is one that cannot be fought alone. Wildlife in Africa is not just for the people of Africa but should be seen as a Global Asset.

The founding members of CWF, are currently engaged in various ambitious conservation and community projects through their independent non-profit Trusts and Foundations and this will continue from their personal profits. CWF resources will go directly towards funding key stakeholders in supporting the outer communities and conservation areas surrounding the Hwange National Park.

As of 1st January 2016, a voluntary Conservation & Wildlife donation of USD 10 per person per night was implemented at the Founding member camps. The donation would automatically be added to all invoices with the option to request to “Opt Out”. A Donation Box for on-site voluntary donations will be included in each of the founding member camps