CWF’s first initiative is to combine private sector and NGO support to reorganize and strengthen law enforcement capacity against wildlife crime, in four land categories around the periphery of Hwange National Park. These areas are governed by the park authority (ZPWMA); the authority for state forests (Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe); authorities for local communities (two Rural District Councils) and an association of private landowners. CWF also helps to resource the Police (ZRP) and the national Railway authority (NRZ) in operations against wildlife crime around Hwange.

CWF is also becoming involved in many other aspects of conservation around Hwange – for example: improved problem animal management; community tourism initiatives; conservation agriculture; improvements to domestic livestock management, environmental education in local schools; supporting wildlife research projects; implementing wildlife management plans.


The Conservation & Wildlife Fund Donation

CWF was established to address critical issues in the conservation and management of the Hwange ecosystem. CWF does practical and...
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Hwange Tusker Project

CWF has Clearance and permit for a collaboration between CWF and ZPWMA to collar and study the movements of 5...
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CWF Assistance To Rabies Threat

Rabies outbreaks. Rabies occurs in domestic dog populations in villages that are adjacent to wildlife areas. Spillover into wildlife happens...
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Hwange Tusker Project – Wish List

To expand the HWANGE TUSKER PROJECT. There is a need to increase the scientific credibility of the HWANGE TUSKER PROJECT...
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Water Quality Research – Wish List

Funding is needed to support better rainfall monitoring in HNP. ZPWMA lack capacity and funding to maintain previous rainfall data...
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Baboon Research – Wish List

There seems to be a very large increase in the baboon populations in parts of HNP. Knowledgeable residents and stakeholders...
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Problem Animal Control (Pac) Strategy

CWF strives to partner with the HNP authorities being ZPWMA and FC along with Police, Local tribal leaders and communities...
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Cwf Social Events

As part of the Hwange Community CWF staff get involved in local events as can be seen in the Annual...
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