CWF’s first initiative is to combine private sector and NGO support to reorganize and strengthen law enforcement capacity against wildlife crime, in four land categories around the periphery of Hwange National Park. These areas are governed by the park authority (ZPWMA); the authority for state forests (Forestry Commission of Zimbabwe); authorities for local communities (two Rural District Councils) and an association of private landowners. CWF also helps to resource the Police (ZRP) and the national Railway authority (NRZ) in operations against wildlife crime around Hwange.

CWF is also becoming involved in many other aspects of conservation around Hwange – for example: improved problem animal management; community tourism initiatives; conservation agriculture; improvements to domestic livestock management, environmental education in local schools; supporting wildlife research projects; implementing wildlife management plans.


Cattle Production Improvement

As a veterinarian, CWF Manager Richard Hoare has previously organized advisory, practical and financial support for assistance to an existing...
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Assistance & Support To ZPWMA

Security Intelligence is shared with the park authority. Training is collaboratively given to ZPWMA rangers on the correct weapons safety...
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Elephant & Other Carcass Inspection

Elephant and other species carcasses are located by routine patrols, seen and reported by park residents and visitors and sometimes...
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ZPWMA requested that CWF implement a 24/7 manned boomgate at Kennedy Siding near THE HIDE in HNP. They used to...
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Surveillance Flying

CWF staff and members fully understand the need and effectiveness of a full time dedicated plane and pilot to any...
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Tourist Rubbish Removal

CWF in partnership with ZPWMA have initiated a successful initiative to deal with unsightly litter in HNP at game viewing...
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ZPWMA Sport Event Sponsorship

CWF Field Co-ordinator attended a recent ZPWMA national sports day. CWF donated two floating trophies (MENS SHOOTING & LADIES NETBALL)...
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Small Dog & Horse Unit

CWF’s Field Co-ordinatoris a very experienced dog trainer whose previous job included training and supervision of Anti Poaching Dog Units....
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