Baboon Research – Wish List

There seems to be a very large increase in the baboon populations in parts of HNP. Knowledgeable residents and stakeholders are expressing concern over resultant...
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Water Quality Research – Wish List

Funding is needed to support better rainfall monitoring in HNP. ZPWMA lack capacity and funding to maintain previous rainfall data collection standards. CWF has approached...
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Hwange Tusker Project – Wish List

To expand the HWANGE TUSKER PROJECT. There is a need to increase the scientific credibility of the HWANGE TUSKER PROJECT given that a sample size...
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CWF Assistance To Rabies Threat

Rabies outbreaks. Rabies occurs in domestic dog populations in villages that are adjacent to wildlife areas. Spillover into wildlife happens if domestic rabies vaccination campaigns...
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Hwange Tusker Project

CWF has Clearance and permit for a collaboration between CWF and ZPWMA to collar and study the movements of 5 elephant bulls in HNP. As...
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