Small acts collectively used, can transform the world - Support the future of Africa’s wildlife

How you can help...

Conservation & Wildlife Fund Trust is a collaborative group of concerned and passionate conservationists working together with local stakeholders to ensure the long term viability of Zimbabwe’s wildlife and habitats in the Hwange region of north-west Zimbabwe. This huge area is in turn a major component of the massive Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (KAZA - TFCA: ) – Africa’s largest area set aside for wildlife protection and tourism-based land use – spanning five contiguous countries (Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia & Zimbabwe). Africa’s Wildlife is in crisis, and needs international help to support credible local initiatives in order for ‘BIG PICTURE CONSERVATION’ to succeed. Collaborative efforts such the “umbrella” networking approach of CWF-Hwange with its gathering of information, expertise and knowledge, and opening lines of communication and support between Government and other Local Authorities, Communities surrounding wildlife areas, NGOs, Tourism Operators, Private, Corporate and Institutional Donors, and Individuals, does translate into meaningful action to achieve the necessary high conservation goals. This ‘alliance’ model has already proven very successful for conservation of other African landscapes. We need to catch up, and with your help, we can. We will then be able to meaningfully contribute to the greater good of the whole of Hwange and its environs. Please support our own on-going projects, as well as new ones we need, as we grow and expand. You can choose to support in your own specific areas of interest, or in a general way. There are many options so that you can fully appreciate where your assistance will truly make a difference.

* In general, avoid tourism boycotts to countries such as Zimbabwe. This does not help our communities and our precious wildlife and wild places. Instead, visit them and enjoy their incredibly rich diversity and hospitality. Your personal visits and donations will support all those committed to working so hard on the ground to ensure current and future protection of our unique wild places, ever more valuable to our fragile planet.

* Turn negative views into positives by sharing and highlighting the surviving wildlife and our diverse landscapes and people. Experience first hand unique individuals in all sectors and the hard work being done by their many credible efforts to protect and preserve Hwange. Share this with the rest of the world via ever more powerful social media platforms, and your own word of mouth.

* Please also support the tourism operators who host you on your visits. They have their own valuable projects and initiatives for community development and conservation education amongst people who live in and around wild areas. Without communities feeling ownership of and benefiting from their neighbouring wildlife areas, we will fail to enlist their invaluable support for wider conservation goals. They are very much our fellow wildlife and natural habitat custodians - both now and in the future.

* Zimbabwe has been well known for innovative and professional approaches to its precious wildlife. This country has strong technical expertise and reasonable infrastructure, plus much enthusiasm and goodwill by many players. But financial help is the big need; the world at large has to help pay for the costly protection of a truly global asset - Africa’s wildlife. Any size donation will be gratefully received - for a pair of patrol boots for a ranger costing US$40 - to sponsoring a much needed aerial census of all larger animals in the whole of north-west Zimbabwe, costing around US$100 000.