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Su Maberly


Su Maberly, Program Manager at CWF, has a great love for wildlife and wild places. Born in Malawi, Su moved with her family to Zimbabwe as a young child and has spent most of her life here. She holds a degree in Statistics and has worked as a teacher, a data analyst, a Monitoring and Evaluation specialist and in various management roles.


She has worked on projects with rural communities in land rehabilitation and agricultural development and was a partner in an organisation working on reforestation and anti-poaching in a former Campfire area.




Steve Alexander


Steve Alexander, Field Co-ordinator at CWF, is a licensed Professional Guide and Hunter with an extensive knowledge of wildlife and conservation. He has had many years of experience running farms, estates and bush camps including the training and management of the staff.

He has designed and built safari camps and managed reserves and parks in four countries. Steve has set up and managed anti-poaching units and is experienced in shooting and weapons handling and training. He is also an experienced horseman, dog trainer and handler.


Manuel Joao

Manuel Joao Apr22 (4).jpeg

Manuel Joao, Field Co-ordinator at CWF, is passionate about wildlife and people. He holds a Learner Professional Guide/Hunter’s licence, a Certificate in Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management, an Executive Diploma in Business Leadership, and an Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Development studies. Manuel has worked as a wildlife photographer and videographer; a safari guide; an Operations Manager where he did game management, product development, anti-poaching and personnel training; and an anti-poaching field coordinator.


He did tour-leading in Southern Africa and has vast knowledge of neighbouring countries and its flora, fauna and its people. He has been involved with community work for the various organizations he has worked for which inspired him to become a development practitioner.  He aspires to become a Professional Guide by the end of this year 2022.


Most of our scouts come from nearby communities, have grown up in the Hwange area and are committed to working hard to protect their heritage for future generations.


Being an anti-poaching scout is extremely physically demanding - the men walk many kilometres each day, often in harsh weather conditions and through dense bush on thick, sandy soils with heavy packs on their backs.


Our Partners



We work closely with Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority and Zimbabwe Forestry Commission who provide us with vital assistance in our work protecting local flora & fauna.


Zimbabwe National Parks
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